AMCAF Extension V1.40 Manual  Index


Welcome to AMCAF.
You will certainly be very satisfied with this product. This extension contains over 200 commands and functions for various areas.
The AMCAF extension is more than 42 KB in size which makes it the biggest extension for AMOS Professional known to me.

Some commands may work better or even require Kickstart 2.04 or higher. If you want to take full advantage of the AMCAF extension then you should really think about upgrading to 2.0 or 3.1, if you haven't already.

By the way, the extension must be entered at slot number 8 in the AMOS Pro extension list, but this is done by the installation software for you!

Don't forget to read the Notes, too!

No program is absolutely bug free and for that reason I ask you to please report any bugs as quickly as possible. However, it's rather useless, if you only write: The command xxx crashes my machine.
Please give me a detailed description of your computer and enclose the part of the program that causes the problem, but only if you like doing that kind of thing.

I welcome any suggestions that you may have, any problems that you may encounter, bug reports for certain, or even any hints and tips that you may have for me!

Contact address
If you have got access to a ftp site, there will be free updates coming up regularly on Aminet (dev/amos). Make sure you download the English version and not the German one.

Enjoy AMCAF and may the force be with you!
Chris Hodges