AMCAF Extension V1.40 Manual  Index


If you haven't already installed AMCAF, you should do so as soon as possible, because no example program runs without the AMCAF extension (which is quite obvious ;-) ).

The installation process is quite easy and quickly done. Just read the instructions carefully which appear when you start the installation program.

During the process you will be asked to enter your name, if you are using a registered version. Please enter it correctly. It will be encrypted and saved into the extension file. Remember that you MUST NOT copy the registered version of AMCAF to anybody else. YOU have paid for this software, why should someone else get it for free?

AMCAF can either be written directly onto hard disk or onto a copy of your AMOSPro_System disk. When installing to disk, AMCAF allows you to either delete some files directly on the disk to get some free space for the extension or to copy the system files to a new disk (preferably FFS), which is formatted by the program directly.

Due to lack of space on the examples disk, the file " good" has been written onto the installation-disk. The only program that needs this file is the demo "NoGood.AMOS". It automatically loads the file either from the install disk or hard disk.

To unleash the power of the command "Set Rain Colour", the main Amos Pro library must be modified a bit (or better: a byte). So please first start the program "SetRainColourPatch" and then restart AMOS Professional. This patch remains permanently so you have only to start it once.

The examples haven't been written for you to start them, look at them for a moment and then load the next. Most of the programs are well documented and allow you to learn something new. Take your time, it's worth it.

Some commands are very sensitive against abuse. Do save your programs regularly, especially when you've added a new routine.