AMCAF Extension V1.40 Manual  Index

Command Index


=Aga Detect        - Checks if the computer has AGA chipset
=Amcaf Base        - Gives back the address of the AMCAF data base
=Amcaf Length      - Returns the length of the AMCAF data base
=Amcaf Version$    - Returns an AMCAF version string
=Amos Cli          - Returns the CLI number of AMOS.
=Amos Task         - Returns the address of the AMOS task structure
=Asc.l             - Converting a Long string into a number
=Asc.w             - Converting a Word string into a number
=Bank Checksum     - Calculates a checksum of a bank
=Bank Name$        - Returns the name of a bank
=Best Pen          - Calculates the nearest pen for $RGB
=Binexp            - Exponential function on basis of two
=Binlog            - Logarithmic function on basis of two
=Blitter Busy      - Returns the blitter's current state
=Blue Val          - Calculates the blue value of a colour
=Cd Date$          - Creates a complete date string
=Cd Day            - Returns the day of the date
=Cd Month          - Calculates the month
=Cd String         - Converts a string into the date stamp
=Cd Weekday        - Gets the weekday from the date stamp
=Cd Year           - Extracts the year from a date
=Chr.l$            - Creating a Long string
=Chr.w$            - Creating a Word string
=Command Name$     - Acquires the name of the program
=Cop Pos           - Returns the current address of the copper list
=Count Pixels      - Counts the number of pixels in a specific area
=Cpu               - Returns the number of the fitted CPU
=Ct Hour           - Extracts the hour from a time
=Ct Minute         - Returns the minute of a time stamp
=Ct Second         - Calculates the second of a time
=Ct String         - Evaluates a string into a time code
=Ct Tick           - Extracts the 1/50 from the time.
=Ct Time$          - Creates a complete time string
=Current Date      - Acquires the current date
=Current Time      - Acquires the current time
=Cutstr$           - Cuts out a piece of a string
=Disk State        - Returns the state of a disk device
=Disk Type         - Returns the type of a volume
=Dos Hash          - Calculates the hash value of a file
=Even              - Returns, if a number is even
=Examine Next$     - Reads the next entry in a directory
=Extpath$          - Appends a "/" to a path if required
=Filename$         - Returns the filename of a full path
=Font Style        - Getting the attributes of a font
=Fpu               - Acquires the id number of an coprocessor
=Glue Colour       - Generates a colour using the three colour values
=Green Val         - Calculates the green value of a colour
=Ham Best          - Calculates the best colour in HAM mode
=Ham Colour        - Calculates a colour in HAM mode
=Ham Point         - Returns the RGB value of a ham pixel
=Insstr$           - Inserts a string into a string
=Io Error          - Returns the last dos error code
=Io Error$         - Returns a dos error string
=Itemstr$          - Returns an 'item' contained in a string
=Lsl               - Quick multiplication by a power of two
=Lsr               - Quick division by a power of two
=Lsstr$            - Returns a right adjusted number
=Lzstr$            - Returns a right adjusted number with leading zeros
=Mix Colour        - Mixes two colours
=Nfn               - No effect
=Odd               - Returns, if a number is odd
=Object Blocks     - Returns the length of a file in blocks
=Object Comment$   - Gives back the filenote of an Object
=Object Date       - Returns the date of creation of an Object
=Object Name$      - Returns the name of an Object
=Object Protection - Returns the Protection flags of an Object
=Object Protection$- Returns a Protection flags string
=Object Size       - Gives back the length of a file
=Object Time       - Returns the time of creation of an Object
=Object Type       - Returns the type of an Object
=Pal Get           - Reads a saved palette entry
=Path$             - Returns the directory of a full path
=Pattern Match     - Compares a string with a certain pattern
=Pfire             - Check if fire button is pressed
=Pjdown            - Check if joystick is pressed down
=Pjleft            - Check if joystick is pressed left
=Pjoy              - Acquire direction of a joystick
=Pjright           - Check if joystick is pressed right
=Pjup              - Check if joystick is pressed up
=Pt Cinstr         - Returns the current instrument being played
=Pt Cnote          - Gets the frequency of the current instrument
=Pt Cpattern       - Gets the current song position
=Pt Cpos           - Returns the current pattern line
=Pt Data Base      - Gets the address of the PT-Database
=Pt Instr Address  - Returns the address of an instrument
=Pt Instr Length   - Returns the length of an instrument
=Pt Signal         - Checking for signals from the music
=Pt Vu             - Returns the current Vumeter value
=Qarc              - Fast arc function
=Qcos              - Fast cosine function
=Qrnd              - Fast replacement for Rnd
=Qsin              - Fast sine function
=Qsqr              - Fast replacement for Sqr
=Red Val           - Calculates the red value of a colour
=Replacestr$       - Replaces a string with another one
=Rgb To Rrggbb     - Converts a ECS-colour into AGA colour format
=Rrggbb To Rgb     - Converts a AGA colour into a ECS-colour value
=Scanstr$          - Returns the name of a key
=Scrn Bitmap       - Returns the screen bitmap address
=Scrn Layer        - Returns the screen layer address
=Scrn Layerinfo    - Returns the screen layerinfo address
=Scrn Rastport     - Returns the screen rastport address
=Scrn Region       - Returns the screen region address
=Sdeek             - Deeking a signed word
=Smouse Key        - Checks the mouse key
=Speek             - Peeking a signed byte
=Splinters Active  - Returns how many splinters are still moving
=Tool Types$       - Reads the Tool Types of an icon
=Turbo Point       - Fast replacement for Point
=Vclip             - Restricts a value to a given range
=Vec Rot X         - Calculates the 2D X value
=Vec Rot Y         - Determines Y value
=Vec Rot Z         - Returns the Z coordinate
=Vin               - Tests, if the value is within a range
=Vmod              - Does a modulo operation on a value
=Wordswap          - Swapping the upper and lower 16 bits
=X Raster          - Gets the X position of the raster beam
=X Smouse          - Reads the x coordinate
=Xfire             - Reads out the fire buttons on a game pad
=Y Raster          - Gets the Y position of the raster beam
=Y Smouse          - Reads the y coordinate of the mouse


Amcaf Aga Notation - Toggle AGA-Amiga colour format
Audio Free         - Frees the audio device
Audio Lock         - Reserves the audio device
Bank Code Add.y    - Additional algorithm encoding
Bank Code Mix.y    - Mix between Add and Xor
Bank Code Rol.y    - Rotation to the left
Bank Code Ror.y    - Rotation to the right
Bank Code Xor.y    - Xor algorithm encoding
Bank Copy          - Copies a bank
Bank Delta Decode  - Removes the delta-encoding of a bank
Bank Delta Encode  - Prepares a bank with delta-encoding
Bank Name          - Changes the name of a bank
Bank Permanent     - Makes a bank Permanent
Bank Stretch       - Extends a bank after it has been reserved
Bank Temporary     - Makes a bank Temporary
Bank To Chip       - Moves a bank into Chip ram
Bank To Fast       - Moves a bank into Fast ram
Bcircle            - Drawing a circle to fill it using the blitter
Blitter Clear      - Clearing a bitplane with the help of the blitter
Blitter Copy       - Copying and modifying a bitplane
Blitter Copy Limit - Setting the Blitter Copy area
Blitter Fill       - Filling polygons using the blitter
Blitter Wait       - Waiting for the blitter has finished his task
Bzoom              - Zooms a region
Change Bank Font   - Setting the screen font using a font bank
Change Font        - Loading a font directly from disk
Change Print Font  - Changing the font that is used by Print.
Convert Grey       - Creates a grey scale picture
Coords Bank        - Reserves a bank to store the coordinates
Coords Read        - Reading the coordinates into a bank
Dload              - Loads a file Permanently
Dsave              - Saves a file to disk
Examine Dir        - Inits the reading of a drawer
Examine Object     - Gets all information about an Object
Examine Stop       - Stops the reading of a directory
Exchange Bob       - Swaps the two images in the sprite bank
Exchange Icon      - Swaps the two images in the icon bank
Extdefault         - Calls the default routine of an extension
Extreinit          - Tries to revoke a extension
Extremove          - Removes a extension from memory
Fcircle            - Draws a filled circle
Fellipse           - Draws a filled ellipse
File Copy          - Copies a file
Flush Libs         - Frees as much as possible memory
Ham Fade Out       - Fades out a ham picture
Imploder Load      - Loads and decrunches a FileImploder file
Imploder Unpack    - Decrunches a FileImploder bank
Launch             - Starts a new process
Limit Smouse       - Defines the movement region
Make Bank Font     - Creating a font bank
Make Pix Mask      - Picks up a mask for the shifting process
Mask Copy          - Screen Copy with a mask
Nop                - No effect
Open Workbench     - Reopens the workbench again
Pal Get Screen     - Saves the palette of a screen
Pal Set            - Changes an entry of a saved palette
Pal Set Screen     - Sets the palette of a screen
Pal Spread         - Spreads from one colour entry to another
Pix Brighten       - Increase colour indexes (not cyclic)
Pix Darken         - Decrease colour indexes (not cyclic)
Pix Shift Down     - Decrease colour indexes (cyclic)
Pix Shift Up       - Increase colour indexes (cyclic)
Ppfromdisk         - Loads and unpacks a powerpacked file
Pptodisk           - Packs and saves a file as PP20
Ppunpack           - Unpacks a powerpacked file
Protect Object     - Modifies the Protection bits of an Object
Pt Bank            - Sets the bank for the use with Pt Instr Play
Pt Cia Speed       - Changing the replaying speed
Pt Continue        - Restarts a previously stopped music
Pt Instr Play      - Plays an instrument of a protracker module
Pt Play            - Replays a module
Pt Raw Play        - Plays a chunk of memory as sound sample
Pt Sam Bank        - Sets the bank to use with AMOS samples
Pt Sam Freq        - Changes the replaying speed of a sample
Pt Sam Play        - Replays a sample from an AMOS Sam Bank
Pt Sam Stop        - Stops the sfx on specific audio channels
Pt Sam Volume      - Sets the volume of a sound effect
Pt Stop            - Stops the current music
Pt Voice           - Toggling the audio channels
Pt Volume          - Setting the volume of the music
Rain Fade          - Fades a rainbow out or to another one
Raster Wait        - Waits for a specific raster position
Reset Computer     - Resets your computer
Set Ntsc           - Switches to the 60Hz NTSC mode
Set Object Comment - Sets the filenote of an Object
Set Object Date    - Sets the date of an Object
Set Pal            - Switches back to 50Hz PAL mode
Set Rain Colour    - Changes the affecting colour of a rainbow
Set Sprite Priority- Changes the sprite priority in Dual playfield mode
Shade Bob Down     - Places a Shade Bob that decreases the colours
Shade Bob Mask     - Determinate the image to use for the bobs
Shade Bob Planes   - Setting the number of bitplanes to use
Shade Bob Up       - Places a Shade Bob that increases the colours
Shade Pix          - Plots a shade pixel
Smouse Speed       - Sets the speed of the mouse
Smouse X           - Sets the x coordinate of the mouse
Smouse Y           - Sets the y coordinate
Splinters Back     - Gets the background pixels
Splinters Bank     - Reserves memory for the splinters
Splinters Colour   - Sets the to-use colours
Splinters Del      - Clears the splinters
Splinters Do       - Do a complete drawing process
Splinters Draw     - Draws the splinters to the screen
Splinters Fuel     - Sets the range of a splinter
Splinters Gravity  - Changes the gravity
Splinters Init     - Initialises the splinters bank
Splinters Limit    - Changes the limits of the splinters
Splinters Max      - Sets the maximum of new appearing splinters
Splinters Move     - Moves the splinters
Td Stars Accelerate- Toggles the acceleration
Td Stars Bank      - Reserves some memory for the stars
Td Stars Del       - Clears the stars from the screen
Td Stars Do        - Does a complete drawing process
Td Stars Draw      - Draws the stars
Td Stars Gravity   - Determines the gravity force
Td Stars Init      - Inits the stars
Td Stars Limit     - Sets the limits of the stars
Td Stars Move      - Moves the stars
Td Stars Origin    - Places the origin of the stars
Td Stars Planes    - Selects the planes to be used for the stars
Turbo Draw         - Fast replacement for Draw
Turbo Plot         - Fast replacement for Plot
Vec Rot Angles     - Sets the viewing angles
Vec Rot Pos        - Positions the camera
Vec Rot Precalc    - Calculates the precalc matrix
Wload              - Loads a file Temporarily
Write Cli          - Writes something into the cli window
Wsave              - Saves a file to disk