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Packer Support

Packer are nearly the most important tools, if you try to fit a lot of files onto a disk.
Powerpacker and File-Imploder are two of the best and how else could it be, AMCAF does support them to some extent.

instruction: load and unpack a powerpacked file
Ppfromdisk file$,bank

This command loads the file named 'file$' into memory bank number 'bank' and decrunches it, if it has been packed using PowerPacker.
If 'bank' is a negative value, the file is unpacked into Chip ram instead.
If the file is Imploder packed, the Imploder Load command will be called, and if it is not packed, it will be loaded normally using Wload.

instruction: unpack a powerpacked file
Ppunpack sourcebank To targetbank

This command decrunches a powerpacked file in 'sourcebank' into the bank number 'targetbank'.
If 'targetbank' is a negative value, it will be decrunched into Chip ram.

Note: Powerpacked files can be identified by the first Longword containing 'PP20'.

instruction: pack and save a file as pp20
Pptodisk file$,bank
Pptodisk file$,bank,efficiency

The Pptodisk command crunches and saves the bank numbered 'bank' into the file 'file$' using the PowerPacker algorithm.
The optional 'efficiency' parameter determines how good the bank is to be packed and must range between 0 (very fast, but less efficient) and 4 (best, but slow).

The powerpacker.library is requires for this and the two more commands. Sorry for the name 'Pptodisk' but 'Ppsave' has already been used by AMOS.

instruction: load and decrunch a fileimploder file
Imploder Load file$,bank

This instruction tries to load and unpack a file-imploded file. The result will be stored in the bank numbered 'bank'.
If the specified file is not packed using file imploder, it will be loaded into memory normally. If the value of 'bank' is a negative number, the file will be unpacked into Chip ram.

Imploder Load does not need more memory to unpack the packed bank. Additionally, Imploder Load is extremely fast.

The File Imploder is part of the Turbo Imploder 4.0 package. Turbo Imploder 4.0 is a very fast packer for executables, written by Albert-Jan Brouwer and Peter Struijk.

The File Imploder can be found on the installation disk in the C: drawer (AMCAF_Install:C/Fimp) along with the manual AMCAF_Install:C/

instruction: decrunch a fileimploder bank
Imploder Unpack sbank To tbank

This command unpacks the File Imploder packed file, which is stored in the memory bank 'sbank', into the target bank 'tbank'.

If the source bank does not contain a File Imploded file (which can be determined be the first Longword 'IMP!') a error message will be returned.
A negative 'tbank' value will force the bank to be unpacked into Chip ram.