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Libraries and Devices

The Requester Extension
As a default, the AMOS Professional requester routine will be used in preference to hit' Workbench system requester.

instruction: use the Workbench system requester
Request Wb

This command is used to switch to the Workbench system requester. As soon as one of the options is selected from it, you will be returned to AMOS Professional. Please note that if the Requester Extension is deleted from the extension list by means of the configuration file, then the standard Workbench requester will be used for displaying messages. This will give the illusion that AMOS Professional has crashed when a requester appears. If this situation occurs, simply press [Amiga]+[A] to return to the Workbench, respond to the requester and press [Amiga]+[A] again to return to AMOS Professional. There should be no need to delete the Requester extension unless memory is very low.

instruction: use the AMOS Professional requester routine
Request On

This is the default setting, and is used to make AMOS Professional employ its own requester routine.

instruction: cancel the requester
Request Off

If this instruction is used, AMOS Professional will automatically select the [CANCEL] button of the requester, and the actual requester will not be displayed. This is ideal for error trapping Within a program.

Control of devices
AmigaDOS supports a wide range of devices for your use. Some devices are provided to control specific items of hardware, such as printers and disc drives, while others offer access to internal facilities like the synthetic speech handler. The following two functions need no expert knowledge to use!

function: get the first device from the current device list
device$=Dev First(path$)

This function is similar to DIR FIRST$. A string is returned identifying the first device that satisfies a chosen search path in the current device list.

DEV FIRST$("**") will list everything, DEV FIRST$("D/**") will only list disks, and DEV FIRST$(A/**") is used if you only want to list assigns.

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