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July 05, 2022, 04:29:47 PM

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PSPUAE Version History

V0.72 - Chilly Willy & FOL Update

* Dumped all sound bar stereo, in an attempt to gain speed
* Corrected Makefile error, which lost us some speed
* Add CYCLE_UNIT as option, setting is either 512 (Normal) or 256 (Turbo)
* Add Chipset CYCLE_UNIT as a hidden auto switch option, that switches with CPU CYCLE_UNIT option
* Fixed screen going off center when switching off auto zoom and when selecting 4:3
* Add lock for new CPU option, stops accidently pressing option and invoking a hardreset
* Add config option checking to check cycle_unit, screen position, cpu lock and sounddelay for old config files
* Add SOUND_DELAY option, this allows us to switch between 1 and 9 ms. (9 ms does speedthings up, but causes sound to breakup a little)
* Add Hard Reset to Main Menu
* Add Hard Reset when PSPUAE hits "Fetch Error" (stops fetch crash/loop if Cycles setwrong after loading config)
* Altered Cycle Turbo, CPU Chipset timing to higher value (only when using Turbo Cycles)
* Dumped Sound Optimise as it did very little and caused crash
* Fix Audio Event time
* Fix Audio delay (FOL, this as an option, so a few more FPS could be gainedat the expence of the audio quality).
* Fix Home Button Exit crash, if you were in PSPUAE menu.
* When cycle unit is changed, pspuae will hard reset instantly
* If KickStart 1.3 is not found it will look for any other kickstart, with the followingname format, KICK205, KICK30 etc etc. If none are found, PSPUAE will exit to PSP XMB

V0.71 - FOL Update

* Fixed, not saving Frameskip setting (thanks to horace, for making me see the code clearly)
* Added left / right sound DWORD code (from Winuae, fixes sound not outputing correctly)
* Made sound bug from 0.70 into an option, as it gives a speed increase
* Altered Frameskip logic (to help stop frameskip going crazy)
* Altered Official Cycle Unit to improve CPU speed option
* Added Anti-Interpolation sound code (from WinUAE)
* Added Stereo Seperation option

V0.70 - FOL update

* Added alot of Rics FAMEC code and optimisations. (Gave some speed increase)
* Altered Hsync handler. (Removes slow down when sprites on screen, with CPU = MAX)
* Altered CPU CYCLE UNIT to 256 (Gave the most speed increase)
* Altered CHIPSET settings (To fall inline with CPU CYCLE UNIT change, its now a
much more finer setting than in previous versions. Giving better results)
* Added Rics FAMEC Sound code (Still clicks, we know what the problem is, but i need
help to solve it)
* Added Interpolation 4CH Sound under sound menu (This can improve sound slighty)
* Altered HEAP SIZE for available memory to PSPUAE (This solves all memory problems)
* Added Rics FAMEC FrameSkip Algorithm (This gives a finer smoother Auto FrameSkip)

V0.63 BE - FOL, GnoStiC, cmf update

- Removed alot of un-needed code, to gain usable memory (GnoStiC and cmf)
- Optimized code to gain speed (GnoStiC)
- Added alot of defines to gain speed (FOL and GnoStiC)
- Added define to allow 10.5MB of memory, not limited to 6MB anymore (FOL and cmf)
- Changed the delay and latency on sound to gain speed (FOL)
- Changed PSPUAE cpu cycle unit to 1, gave stable speed increase (FOL)
- Removed 0 from Auto Frame Skip, pointless as it slows emu down when hitting 0 (FOL)
- Removed Interpol code as it was broken since 0.60, removing this gave speed increase (GnoStiC)
- Fixed memory selection, now only valid amiga memory configs are selectable (cmf)
- Fixed Crash, where if no Backdrop was present PSPUAE would crash PSP (FOL and cmf)
- Fixed Interrupts setting in sound, as it was still produing sound (FOL and GnoStiC)
- Added AutoZoom check to PSPUAE reset command, so each reset will turn off AutoZoom. This
stops the crash with certain configs, when AutoZoom was on. Simply Press and hold
L & R Trigger and SELECT after reset to turn it back on (FOL)
- Removed support for E / X-Loader and Tiff exploits as it was causing crash in
Custom Firmware's. A seperate E / X-loader tiff version is released seperately (FOL)

V0.62 CE

- When inserting a disk the menu will auto select the disk currently in the drive
- After a reset, The menu will default to firsrt option in menu (this stops you pressing
Exit by mistake)
- you can now save the amiga mouse pointer position and restore it with a key-combo
- 24 mousestates slots, can be renamed with the amiga keyboard for better assignment
- new option 'Auto Mouse Speed' for setting the speed of the mouse while restoring
must be set faster for screens with higher resolution
- you can toggle the mousespeed with a key-combo
- cd32 buttons can now assigned to key-combos
- joy1 up/down/left/right can now assigned to key-combos
- new option 'CPU to Chipset Ratio"
- new option 'Disable Key Combos"
- new option 'Toggle X & O" (You can now swap X and O for the menu)
- Preset Amiga Configurations added
- quick config combos (See ReadMe)
- Splash Screen added
- Auto Zoom (using the amiga game/app code to scale the screen to fit PSP) added
- Full Screen 16:9 and 4:3 modes added
- dual mouse support
- fixed combos for L+Cross, R+Cross, etc etc
- SaveStates save a config file in the Config folder
- Savestates are now much smaller, due to memory compression being added

V0.61 - thinkp update

- optionfiles with names (name_of_the_disk.options)
- savestates with names (name_of_the_disk.asf)
- auto-save options when saving state (in folder STATE )
- auto-load options when loading state (from folder STATE )
- auto-load options when inserting disk
- assign keys in controls menu with amiga keyboard
(press square to open/close keyboard and cross to select, triangle to delete button)
- assign keyboard keys to the 4 d-pad directions in combination with the l+r shoulder buttons
(set 'Directional Buttons' in controls menu to 'Keys')
- mouse speed option in hardware menu (from 5 [fast] to 1 [slow])
- hi-res mouse speed option in hardware menu (from 5 [fast] to 1 [slow])
- dual joystick control - same joystick on d-pad AND the analogue stick
- Added folders for all files, now only the main EBOOT is in main folder (FOL)


- new autoframeskip logic with fps limiting for both PAL and NTSC
- real 4 channel stereo
- Added new Menu User Interface
- Immediate Blits (Helps with compatability)
- Blitter Cycle Exact (Helps with compatability)
- High Density Floppy (Lets you use 1.7MB Floppy Disks)

V0.55 - MrModem Update

- Added some more Joystick mapping options. You can now use any button to control Amiga joystick 0.
- Changed all sceCtrlReadBufferPositive to sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive. This *could* speed things up a little, because sceCtrlReadBufferPositive always waits for vsync.
- Fixed a "bug" that caused the PSP to crash if you tried to exit using the home button.
- Added Bilinear filtering when zoom is turned on.

V0.54 - Speed Increase Release

- Based on e-uae 0.8.29 WIP3
- Ditched harddrive support to gain speed as I still can't get it to work with WIP3
- Removed support for serial ports to gain speed
- Several optimizations to the e-uae code primarily removing stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense
on the PSP
- Added cpu speed option - thanks to FOL
- Added profiling support
- Fixed memory issues - now allows 6MB for PSP V1.50 and 5.5MB for PSP V2.00+
- Should run using kxploit and the eloader (So V1.50 release works with all)
- Switched middle and right mouse button
- Fixed screenshot
- only displays leds for 2 drives as only 2 are enabled (will not accept 4 drives as I have disabled the
last 2 for performance reasons)
- disabled debugging support (can be enabled again it doesnt really make a performance hit)
- only possible to select valid memory configurations (up to 2 Mb chip, 1.5 Mb bogo and 2.5Mb fast)
- Fixed keyboard mappings
- when mapping keyboard keys to psp buttons the behaviour is to keep the key down until the psp
button is released.
- removed 2 drives from the disk menu
- added msg box for when no kickstart rom is present and also for when changing kickstart roms
while using PSPUAE
- added msg box for when PSPUAE runs out of memory instead of crashing (makes it very hard to crash PSPUAE now)
- added KickStart 2.04 & 2.05 to the Rom selection menu


- Drive Speed option added (This helps alot with long loading games, it wont help with all)

v0.52 - maintenance release

- Corrected 0 byte memory bug when loading/saving options
- Renamed the SAVESTATE folder to STATE
- Added 5 additional savestate slots
- Corrected some text strings


- Support for 1.5 PSPs
- Zoom function now using the GU for better performance
- Double buffering to avoid flickering
- Savestate (this is also a much faster way to load games)
- Several new options although fewer than the last beta
- Lower sensitivity when the analog stick is used as a joystick
- Real 4 channel sound like the original amiga (still some issues though)


- Better game compatibility based on E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP2
- Direct vram access
- Zoom function to allow you to use all PSP screen estate
- Vertical leds including leds for framerate and frameskip
- Kickstart selector

- PSP V2.X+ compatibility only


-Compiled with latest PSPSDK and GCC 3.4.4 (2005-10-30). Getting a few more fps in some areas

PSP UAE v0.4 (MIB.42)

Changes :
- Several minor optimizations on M68K and Amiga/PSP graphics.
- Semi-transparent ( customizable from Config Menu ) full-featured keyboard.
- Fully configurable button and analog stick assignments from Config Menu/Options ( finally )
: includes flexible assignments of key presses, joystick/mouse buttons to PSP buttons.
: includes flexible assignment of Joy0/Joy1/Mouse to PSP Analog stick/Directional Buttons.
- Auto repeat on menu selections.
- Adaptive Border Padding ( change from Config Menu )
- Load / Save / Default configurations ( 2 slots )
: I use this to load different configs for different games... Joystick/Mouse/keys etc...
- ScreenSave to .bmp file. ( Assign key from Config Menu/Options, START button by default )
: saves to directory where the executable was invoked from ( the non-% pspuae directory )
- Fine mouse movement ( HiRes ) is possible while holding button ( assignment customizable )
- From Config Menu, press Select to shortcut back to the Amiga.
- In the Config Menu ( activated by Select ) : Cross (X) is select, Circle (O) is cancel.

Still single buffered, looking at performance / visuals, I don't think I'll do double.


PSPUAE 0.31 w/KBD 1.0

Changes to PSPUAE 0.31 :
- Moved statistics screen to Menu/Options/Show statistics
- Added finer mouse movements while the () - Circle is pressed.
- Optimized some drawing related functions.
- Added FULL keyboard :
:: To activate/deactivate keyboard; press [] - Square
If Keyboard is active :
- Triangle : changes position of keyboard to top/bottom of the screen.
- Up/Right/Down/Left arrows : walk the keyboard.
- X - Cross : Press invokes a key-press event,
Release invokes a key-release event.
- () - Circle : presses the "Return" key...

The are 8 sticky keys (Ctrl,Alts,Amigas,Shifts,CapsLock); pressed once
will make them sticky (they will not be released - indicated by red
highlight), pressing again will release them.

Also, please note, this uses a US keyboard layout. If your kickrom is
non-US, there are going to be some minor "discrepencies".
( Just imagine that you connected a US keyboard to your Amiga... )

Thank you Christophe for 0.31.

PSP UAE v0.31 kbd 0.1 (MIB.42)

How the keyboard input works :
- Press AND(!) HOLD the [] - Square button.
- Press the Up / Down button ( on the left side of the PSP ) to change the selected key.
- Press the Left / Right to jump to the beginning / end of the keylist.
- Press the () - Circle button to actually "Press" the selected key. ( still holding the [] - square button ! )

At the moment no simultaneous key input is implemented ( like pressing a key while holding this and that ).
I know this is not what you had in mind, but it kinda works for now... ;-)

I am designing the proper GUI... etc...



Here v0.31 July 6th 2005

Chip memory set to 2mb so Monkey Island works again
-File selector improvements
-Added options menu

Here v0.3 July 6th 2005

-Added menu
-Added disk selection
-New icon and background image courtesy of Fred Holgado
-You can now install PSPUAE in any PSP/GAME folder

Here v0.2 July 1st 2005

-Added (crappy) sound support
-Added (crappy) auto framerate

Here v0.1 July 1st 2005

-Initial release. Very alpha, no sound, runs at about 85% speed of a real Amiga 500

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