AMCAF Extension V1.40 Manual  Index


First, best regards to everybody who has registered AMCAF, thank you very

Special greetings fly to:

My parents (Hallo!)
My brother (Come on! I want to see a wonderful raytracing animation!)
My sister (Hi pumpkin!)
Hans Peter Obermeier (Anything new? ;-))
Ralf Schulz (Oh, I cannot beleve you've bought an ugly MS-Tinbox... :-( )
Markus Ungerer (Schreib mal wieder eine Kurzmail!)
Bernd Ungerer (Danke fürs Beta-Testen und für die guten (?) Vorschläge!)
Michael Ufer (You little hobby magician! Thx for the many refreshing mails)
Oliver Ufer (Thx for the huge amount of suggestions ;-) )
Oliver Seibert (Surprise had been the best box known to me!)
Oliver K.
Dirk Drießen (Man gönnt sich ja sonst nix ;-))
Ralph Bernecker (Hello jMS/Dr.Feelgood/Striker/fELON)
Alexander Kunz (Thx 4 da kewl tunes and support!)
Omer Sasic (+++)
Claude Müller (Greetings to Swiss! I hope your back from the army soon!)
Dirk Schulten (Hallo Maus-User! ;-) )
Andre Panser (Schreib mal wieder)
Andreas Duncker (Thx for your supporting mail)
Mathias Mischler (Thx für your support and logement!)
Andreas Zymny (Das Quotezeichen bleibt UNKONFIGURIERBAR! Basta! ;-) )
Kriegsheld (Jaja! Eigentlich ist ja heute schon morgen, gelle?)
Henning Baron
Rainer Benda
Robert Rothhardt (Thx for the best time in all my school life!)
Florian Fackler (Strato Impact rulez!)
Thomas Nölker (Good luck with your AMIPS-Extension!)
Jürgen Schäfer (Sorry wegen der Gif-Geschichte, vielleicht kommt das noch)
Greg Cox (Keep up the good work!)
Michael Cox (Thanks for adding me to the mailing list ;-) )
Marco Eberhardt (Thanks for your nice mails)
Carsten Albert
Paul Hickman (death to all tennis players! ;-))) )
Andy Church
Ben Wyatt (Greetings! ;-))) )
Petri Hakkinen (nice 3D engine!)
Roy Antonsen (stop drinking so much booze ;-) )
Martijn Wehrens (nice mails from ya! Keep that up)
Semprini (you're a REAL friend!)
Mark Wellington (nice stories from ya, keep that up!)
Daniel Rädel
Thomas Nokielski
Jari Jokivuori
and all the others, who know me and I forgot by mistake.

In addition, more greetings go to my modem friends:

Magic, Lemming, VIP, Schneemann, Killer, Marvin, Harry, Holger,
Caboose, Blue Shogun, Ralli, REYem, Nosy and Kily.

Merlin, WotaN, Vinzenz, Fritz, Braumeister, Amigaman and Kai.

Dr.Dre, Tomy, Brocker, Case, Omer and Guru.

Curses to:

Hendrik Heimer (You know why, Mr. Software Society)
François Lionet
Jester (Christoph Steinecke)
Nobody (Horst Bressem)
Intel, IBM and MicroSoft
German Telekom
Data Becker and Sybex
R2B2 ($§%$&%§$)
Phase 5

Good... I hope, I've forgotten anyone... erm yes... greetings to all
members of the RAMSES-Computerclub.


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   /,____/\ / /\/,/\ / __ //\ /,/\ / ___/\
  ///\___\// /_/// //,/_/'/ //// //./___\/
 /'/_/_   / __ '/ ///  __/ //'/ / \__, /\
/_____/\ /_/\/_/ //_/\_\_\//_/ / /____/ /
\_____\/ \_\/\_\/ \_\/\_\  \_\/  \____\/