AMCAF Extension V1.40 Manual  Index


MC68xxx series are trademark of Motorola Inc.

AMOS by Franšois Lionet.      Copyright 1990 Mandarin/Jawx.
                              Copyright 1991 Europress Software Ltd.
AMOS Pro by Franšois Lionet.  Copyright 1992 Europress Software Ltd.
AMCAF by Chris Hodges.        Copyright 1994 The Software Society.
                              Copyright 1995 Chris Hodges.
AMIPS by Thomas N÷lker.       Copyright 1993 The Software Society.
TOME by Aaron Fothergill.     Copyright 1991 Shadow Software.
PowerPacker by Nico Franšois. Copyright 1990 PowerPeak.
ProTracker 2.2 by P. Hanning. Copyright 1992 Noxious. (PD)

Turbo Imploder by P. Struijk & A. Brouver. Freeware 1991.