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The parameters in a Move command are not limited to numbers. You can also employ expressions using AMAL functions. In the following example, use is made of XM and YM, which are the pair of AMAL functions that return the current coordinates of the mouse. This sort of technique is often used to make an Object appear to chase after a player in "intelligent" pursuit:

E> Load "AMOSPro_Tutorial:Objects/Sprites.abk" : Get Sprite Palette
   Sprite 8,200,100,1
   Amal 8,"Move XM-X,YM-Y,32"
   Amal On 8 : Wait Key

Animating an Object

AMAL instruction: animate an Object
Anim number,(image,delay)(image,delay) ..

Once Objects are moving smoothly across the screen, the next stage is to animate them. This is achieved by cycling an Object through a series of images, using the Anim command. Anim is followed by a number, which specifies how many times the animation cycle is to be repeated. If this number is given a value of zero, the animation will be performed continuously. The "frames" of the animation are each held in a pair of brackets containing two parameters. First, the number of the image is given, then the delay time that this image is to be displayed on screen, measured in 50ths of a second. Remember that you are recommended to use semi-colons to separate AMAL commands, as shown in the following example:

E> Load "AMOSPro Tutorial:Objects/Sprites.Abk"
   Get Sprite Palette
   SP=6 : Sprite SP,200,100,7
   M$=Anim 26,(7,4)(8,5);"
   M$=M$+"Move 100,100,150; Move-100,-100,75"
   Channel SP To Sprite SP
   Amal SP,M$ : Amal On SP

For an instant demonstration of an animated Object, please examine this tutorial program:

LD> Load "AMOSPro_Tutorial:Tutorials/AMAL/AMAL_1.AMOS"

Moving within AMAL programs

AMAL instruction: move to a label in AMAL program
Jump label

As you begin to use the facilities of AMAL with confidence, you will soon need to be able to jump from one part of a program to another. This is achieved by defining a label, and then using the Jump command to move to that label.

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