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Screen Effects

The AMOS Professional programmer expects to achieve superb visual effects with simple, economic commands. Classic cinematic and video techniques are readily available, as well as more spectacular routines that are only made possible by the power of the computer.

When the image of one screen dissolves and melts into the image of another screen, various "fade" effects are produced.

instruction: fade between two screens
Appear source screen To destination screen, pixels
Appear source screen To destination screen, number pixels, range

This command creates a fade between two pictures. Choose the number of the source screen where the original picture comes from, then the number of the destination screen whose picture it fades into. LOGIC and PHYSIC functions can be substituted for screen numbers, if required.

Next determine a value that will cause the desired effect, by setting the number of pixel points on the screen, ranging from 1 pixel all the way up to every pixel in the display.

Normally APPEAR affects the whole of your screen area, but there is an optional parameter that causes only part of the screen to be faded. Because screens are drawn from top to bottom, set the area to be faded by adding the range of the number of pixels from the top of the screen. For example:

E> Load "AMOSPro_Tutorial:Objects/Bobs.Abk"
   Flash Off : Get Bob Palette
   Paste Bob 100,0,1
   Wait 100
   Screen Open 1,320,90,16,Lowres
   Flash Off : Get Bob Palette
   Appear 0 To 1,1,28800

That example fades the top part of your default screen into the newly opened Screen 1. Obviously, the appearance of fades will vary, depending on the screen mode being used.

instruction: blend colours to new values
Fade speed
Fade speed,colour list
Fade speed To screen number
Fade speed To screen number,mask

The classic "fade to black" movie effect takes the current palette and gradually fades all values to zero. Set the speed of the fade by choosing the number of vertical blank periods between each colour change. Try this:

E> Flash Off : Curs Off
   Centre "GOOD NIGHT"
   Fade 5
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