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This Chapter explains how AMOS Professional provides detailed on-screen help, co every aspect of the system and your programming.

The User Guide is provided to explain all the features of AMOS Professional in detail, and to act as your instructor, but a large book can never offer the instant help made possible by a computer program. AMOS Professional has been designed to be as friendly as possible, and it harnesses the power of the Amiga itself to provide you with interactive Help in your programming.

Calling for Help
Help is available at the touch of a button, whenever you are in edit mode. Simply press the [Help] key, it's as obvious as that! Alternatively, click on the [H] icon at the top of the Edit Screen.

An additional list of Help options is also revealed by holding down the right mouse button, dragging the mouse pointer to the [Help] menu, and selecting one of the pre-set headings. To start with, select the [Main Menu] option from the [Help], menu, or simply press the [Help] key, or click on the [H] icon. In all cases, the Main Menu will appear in a special Help Window.

The Help Window
Whenever [Help] is summoned, the AMOS Professional Help Window is flicked onto the screen. If it obscures your listing, it can be repositioned by dragging the title bar up and down. All options are selected via the left mouse buttons. At the left-hand side of the title bar, there is a [Close] button, to return you to the Edit screen.

On the right-hand side of the bar there are three simple options:

[Prev Page]
Click on this to reveal the previous page that was called during the helping process.

[Main Menu]
This option summons the Help system's Main Menu on screen.

When this option is selected, you will be requested to check that your printer is ready to receive the words of wisdom offered by the Help system. Simply click on [Ok] to obtain a printed copy of the current Help text.

On the right-hand side of the Help window there is a vertical slider bar and a pair of up/down arrows, enabling you to scroll through the Help text.

The Main Menu
Using the AMOS Professional help system is completely straightforward, extremely simple, and incredibly powerful!

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