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the Editor

[Add Option] or [Amiga]+[U]
When this option is selected, a dialogue box appears asking for the name of the new option to be inserted at the first blank position in this [User] menu. The new name can contain up to 16 letters, and there is a maximum of 20 available options.

After the new name has been typed in, you can assign a program to the new option, using the [Set Program to Menu] command, which is called automatically during this procedure. The new menu option can now be selected with the mouse, and the associated program file can be chosen from disc. Finally, the [Set Key Short-cut] feature is presented, allowing a keyboard equivalent to be selected immediately.

[Delete Option] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[U]
This removes an option from the [User] menu. After selecting this feature, you will be asked to choose an option to be deleted, using the mouse.


Chapter 4.2 provides a detailed examination of the AMOS Professional Help system. The [Help] menu offers a list of topics for which additional help is directly available. Select the item that you need help with, and an instant explanation will be provided on screen.

[Help] or [Help key]
Use this to call up a quick definition, explanation and syntax example of any AMOS Professional instruction at the current cursor position. The program cursor should be over the first character of the instruction with which you need assistance.

[Help Menu]
This calls up the Main Menu of the AMOS Professional Help system, which is detailed in Chapter 4.2.

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