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the Editor

[Search Previous] or [Amiga]+[B]
This will search backwards through the listing until an example of the target string is found, or the beginning of the program is reached.

[Replace New] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[F]
This replaces any string of characters or any AMOS Professional instruction with your given text. The dialogue box for this option contains two editing zones:

The target characters that are to be located and then replaced are to be found in the Search string. This will be the same as any previously called [Search] operation, or a new string can be specified. The Replace string holds the text that will be substituted in place of the original characters. Click on the appropriate zone using the left mouse button, or flick between the Search and Replace strings using the [Tab] key.

As well as the [Backward] and [Upper Case = Lower Case] options, two more settings are available when a Replace operation is chosen.

[All Occurrences]
This automatically replaces every instance of the target string with the new characters. Obviously this can be a drastic operation, so you will be asked to confirm your wishes before they are obeyed.

[All in Marked Block]
This restricts the Search and Replace operation to all instances of the target characters within the currently highlighted Block.

Once the strings have been set, a Replace operation is commenced by pressing [Return] or triggering the [OK] button. After a successful Replace operation, the cursor is positioned immediately after the amended text. If the search fails, a "Not found" report will be given in the title line.

[Replace next] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[N]
Use this option to scan the program listing for another example of the search string. If this is successful, the cursor is placed immediately after the replaced text.

[Replace Previous] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[B]
This checks backwards through the program listing, and replaces the targeted characters with the replacement string entered by a [Replace New] option.


The AMOS Professional editor can be totally re-configured, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your own needs and preferences. All of the keyboard assignments can be changed, all of the system messages may be freely customised and you can even assign existing menu items directly to your own programs and call them straight from the screen!

This sort of feature allows you to use sophisticated techniques with the utmost simplicity, making your programming truly professional.

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