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the Editor


The [Block] Main Menu heading reveals all of the cut-and-paste commands which enable the fast copying, movement and deletion of blocks of a program listing. Here are all the options:

[On/Off] or [Ctrl]+[B]
Use this option to toggle between the Block mode and the normal Editing mode. The same change is achieved by double clicking on the left mouse button.

As soon as the Block mode is entered, the text cursor is replaced by a solid block cursor, at the current position.

A Block is set by holding down the left mouse button, and dragging the cursor to the desired destination point. Alternatively, the dimension of the Block can be set directly from the keyboard using the [Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] keys. When a Block is set, it will be marked by inverse video highlighting.

Unlike the original AMOS system, AMOS Professional Blocks can be marked out in units of a single character, so the beginning and end Block positions should include whole command words.

Blocks can be freely copied between different windows, by grabbing a Block into memory from the source window with [Store] or [Ctr1]+[S], and then clicking in the relevant line of the destination window followed by [Paste] or [Ctrl]+[P].

[All Text] or [Ctrl]+[A]
This selects all text in the current file, ready for block operations.

[Store] or [Ctrl]+[S]
This option is used to store the marked Block into memory, ready for a subsequent [Paste] operation. The highlighting of the Block will be removed, and you will be returned to Editing mode.

[Cut] or [Ctrl]+[C]
This grabs the marked block into memory, and cuts it out of the program listing completely.

[Paste] or [Ctrl]+[P]
To insert an exact copy of the Block at the current cursor position, use this option for a Block that has been saved with a [Store] or a [Cut] option.

[Forget] or [Ctrl]+[F]
This option is used to erase a stored Block from the computer's memory.

[Print] or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[P]
If a printer is connected and ready to print, this option is used to list the Block directly onto paper.

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