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the Editor

[Information] or [Amiga]+[I]
This option calls up a useful information panel, where details of the current programming session are summarised like this:

  AMOS Pro Editor Information
  Free Chip Ram:           (the amount of available memory for sound and graphics)
  Free Fast Ram:           (available space for listings, menu banks and dialogue routines)
  About current program
  Text Length:             (memory assigned to the editor window)
  Bank length:             (memory used by your banks)
  Number of visible lines: (the size of the program in lines)
  Number of instructions : (the total number of instructions in the program)


The [Editor] main menu heading provides the gateway to all of the vital editing commands. It is divided into a set of sub-menus, each of which provides a group of important related options.

This displays a small sub-menu that contains all of the options needed to fold and unfold procedure definitions. The use of procedures is described in detail in Chapter 5.5.

[Open/Close] or [F9]
This option is used to fold or unfold the single procedure which is currently under the cursor. After this has been done, the whole program is checked for errors, and if a problem is encountered, an appropriate message is displayed on screen, and the operation is aborted. If all is well, a closed procedure will be opened to reveal all of its original contents, or an open procedure will be folded away and be replaced by a single line containing nothing but the procedure's name.

Closed procedures can be cut and pasted as usual, but they cannot be deleted using the editor keys. To remove a folded procedure, the [Cut] option should be used.

[Open All] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[O]
Use this option to open all currently folded procedures, displaying the current program in its original glory.

[Close All] or [Amiga]+[Shift]+[C]
This folds all procedures into memory, leaving a single procedure name line for each one.

[Insert Program]
This option is used to load a machine language routine directly into the selected procedure. This procedure will now be closed and its existing contents will be replaced by the new code. Please see Appendix A for full details.

The windows menu is used to set the size and position of editor windows. Here is a list of the menu items:

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