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the Editor

Here is the list of the AMOS Professional Editor Menu options.


The [AMOS] menu appears in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and provides information and control of accessory programs via the following options:

[About AMOS Professional]
This displays a title box, and indicates the number of any extension files that have been installed into AMOS Professional, such as the music extension or picture compactor extension.

[About Loaded Extensions]
This option displays detailed information about all extensions that are currently loaded. Each extension has its own title screen, and the list can be examined via the [Prey] and [Next] buttons. Click on [Cancel] to return to the Editor Screen. You are free to create your own extensions for use with the AMOS Professional system, and more information on this topic can be found in Appendix D of this User Guide.

[Load Accessory]
When this option is selected, a file selector is opened, allowing any AMOS Professional program to be loaded as an accessory. Unlike normal programs, accessories are hidden away in memory, and do not need their own window in order to work. Accessories can be run by selecting their name from this [AMOS] menu list, and if this is done, the following options are presented:

This runs the accessory immediately, without affecting the existing programs.

Use the [Edit] option to copy the selected accessory into a new window, allowing it to be edited directly on screen.

This erases the accessory from memory, and removes its reference from the AMOS Professional menu.

Please note that the last three options may not be assigned to a keyboard short-cut. If you want to install the program as a normal menu item, the [Set Program to Menu] option should be used instead. Please refer to the [Config] main menu for details.

[New All Accessories]
This option is used to delete all accessories from memory. You will be asked to confirm your action before the deletions are executed.

This quits AMOS Professional completely, and returns you directly the Workbench or CLI.

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