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Getting Started

AMOS Professional is a truly comprehensive programming package, allowing experts to release their full potential. It has also been designed to provide beginners with rapid access to expert techniques. However, this section is for absolute beginners only!

If you have upgraded from Easy AMOS or its big brother AMOS, don't be too proud to skip through this Chapter before moving on to Chapter 4.1, where the AMOS Professional Editor is explained.

Warning: if you have not yet installed your AMOS Professional System disc, please do so now by referring to Chapter 2.1.

Absolute Beginners
A computer program is simply a collection of instructions telling a computer to perform a list of tasks. Amiga programs are stored on magnetic discs, and because disc programs are stored magnetically, you must keep them clear of all magnetic objects. Placing a telephone on top of a hard disc drive can be a risk, and leaving floppy discs on top of your television set or loudspeaker system is asking for trouble. Always make back-up discs of your programs, and store them in a safe place out of direct sunlight.

Computer programs that are stored on magnetic discs have to be "loaded" into your computer's memory. If you are using floppy discs, here is the procedure for loading AMOS Professional:

Hard disc users who want to load AMOS Professional from the Workbench once it has been installed should double-click on the AMOS Professional System disc icon, and then click on the relevant icon to run the program. If you are running the system from CLI, simply type in:

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