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Installing Amos Professional

The AMOS Professional package contains this User Guide, an accompanying Applications Supplement, your Registration Card and the following floppy discs:

System disc (AMOSPro_System:)
The System Disc contains the bones, muscles, heart and soul of AMOS Professional! All of the system libraries are held here, as well as items such as communications devices, fonts and the installation program.

Examples disc (AMOSPro_Examples:)
This disc is packed with hundreds of instant examples of AMOS Professional in action. These files can be summoned up as you program, via the superb AMOS Professional Help system.

Tutorial disc (AMOSPro_Tutorial:)
For detailed step-by-step examples on specialised subjects, the Tutorial disc offers private tuition on a range of topics, including animation, special effects, menus, Bobs and Sprites.

Accessories disc (AMOSPro_Accessories:)
This disc contains a full range of AMOS Professional Accessories.

Productivity discs 1 and 2 (AMOSPro_Productivity1:,AMOSPro_Productivity2:)
These discs feature complete AMOS Professional games and utilities. All programs are fully annotated and ready for you to enjoy, explore and adapt. Full details of these ready-made AMOS Professional programs are contained in your Applications Supplement booklet.

AMOS Professional Installation Procedure
To prepare AMOS Professional ready for your exploitation and enjoyment, the System Disc must be installed for all users, and other features made accessible for hard disc users. This is very simple and all instructions are displayed on screen, step by step. Here is an outline of the installation procedure from a floppy disc:

Step One
Take the disc labelled AMOSPro_System:, and make sure that it is write-enabled. In other words, ensure that the tab at the top right-hand corner of the disc is in the closed position, so that it covers the small square hole. This will allow you to personalise your copy of AMOS Professional, with your own name appearing on screen to greet you.

If your Amiga is switched on, make sure that the drive light is not illuminated, and take out any disc that may be in the drive. Switch off your computer and wait about twenty seconds to let it clear its memory and forget any bad habits that may be lurking there.

Place the write-enabled AMOS Professional System Disc into the internal floppy drive, and switch on.

Step Two
Sit back and enjoy the AMOS Professional animated musical introduction! After a short pause, this screen fades and the next screen appears.

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