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instruction: re-activate toggle between AMOS Professional and Workbench
Amos Unlock

Use this instruction to restore the facility for flipping between AMOS Professional and the Workbench, via the [Amiga]+[A] keys.

function: report if AMOS Professional is currently at the front of the display
status=Amos Here

AMOS HERE is used to provide a simple report. A value of -1(True) is returned if AMOS Professional is currently displayed, otherwise zero (False) indicates that the Workbench is in view.

Communication between programs
As well as multi-tasking between AMOS Professional and other programs, communication is allowed between different AMOS Professional programs previously installed in memory.

instruction: run a program from memory
Prun "program name"

This command can be used either from Direct Mode or from within a program, and it is a combination of calling a procedure and running another program. It is also extremely powerful! When PRUN is called, it has the following effect:

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