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There are four different pointers that can appear at the left-hand side of the page, and they have the following meanings:

DP> Disc Pointer. Please load this ready-made demonstration program from disc.

E > Edit Pointer. This printed example can be typed in exactly as it appears on the page, from the AMOS Professional Edit Screen. It can then be Run, and is seen on screen.

D> Direct Mode Pointer. This printed example can be typed in exactly as it appears on
the page, from the AMOS Professional Direct Mode Window. It can then be demonstrated by pressing the [Return] key.

X> This printed example demonstrates a particular programming technique or part of a routine. There is no need to type it in, because it cannot be demonstrated in isolation on the screen.

Printed examples of AMOS Professional programs appear in special type, and they are indented on the page like this:

  Print AMOS

AMOS Professional provides over seven hundred command words ready to be exploited in your own programming routines, and many of them are staggeringly powerful. Because these command words are so important, they are printed in prominent type throughout this User Guide. When they appear in the main body of the text, they are printed in capital letters. For example the simple command word for printing items appears as PRINT. Where a command word is introduced for the first time in the User Guide, it is indented on the page and printed in large bold type, along with a summary of its use. For example:

instruction: print items on screen
Print items

Everything else is fully explained as it is introduced, or is completely self-explanatory. Now that AMOS Professional has been introduced to you, and before introducing AMOS Professional to your Amiga, here are a few words of welcome from some of the key players in the team.

A few words of welcome
Welcome to AMOS Professional! Many thanks for buying it and many more thanks for helping us create it. Since your feedback from the very first versions of AMOS, we have had one constant policy of listening to you, the user. We have read every letter, and recorded all your comments, suggestions, bouquets and custard pies! Everything has been evaluated and taken into account, and the result is in your hands right now.

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