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AMOS Professional
Welcome to AMOS Professional, the dedicated creation system for producing professional Amiga programs. With this system at your fingertips, you can exploit the full potential of your computer, and release the full creativity of your own imagination. There is not a single style of best-selling computer game that cannot be produced with AMOS Professional, and by reading through this User Guide and examining the hundreds of ready-made examples on disc, you will soon discover that all of the hard work has been done for you.

AMOS Professional has evolved over several years until it can now provide beginners and experts alike with full control over superb graphics, animation, audio sampling, synthetic speech, menus, interactive control panels, and above all, ideas! Most importantly, you can customise AMOS Professional to suit all your own needs, quickly, simply and precisely.

If you get into any sort of trouble, AMOS Professional offers instant on-screen Help with every command and aspect of your programming, and there is even a built-in Program Monitor to examine what is happening within your routines.

Experienced AMOS users will be amazed how many new features and improvements have been added to the original system. Beginners will probably take it all for granted!

How to exploit this User Guide
A system that has been designed to satisfy all Amiga programming needs must offer its facilities clearly and simply, otherwise the sheer scale of the package can seem overwhelming, and some of the system's wonders may be completely overlooked by the user. To make this User Guide as helpful as possible, it has been divided into a series of self-contained Sections, and each Section deals with a specific aspect of the AMOS Professional system. Where these Sections cover several related subjects, each subject is examined in its own Chapter.

The number of the current Section and Chapter appears at the top corner of each page, with the page number printed at the bottom corner. For example, this is page one of Section 1, Chapter 1, so if it appeared in the Index, it would be referred to as 1.1.01, whereas the first page of Chapter 8 in Section 5 would be referred to as 5.8.01.

However, the printed word can never convey the look and feel of a programming technique, which is why everything that you read in these pages can also be demonstrated and analysed on screen, at the touch of a button! AMOS Professional comes complete with pre-programmed instant examples of everything from a single command to complete arcade games, strategy simulations and practical utilities!

Normally, you will be able to call for ready-made demonstrations and Help directly, but where it is necessary to load a particular demonstration program from a disc, a special pointer symbol is used in this User Guide. Similar pointers also appear to make it clear which examples you can type in.

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