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 on: August 11, 2017, 03:55:03 PM 
Started by Amiten - Last post by SamuraiCrow

New posts on old threads must be on topic.

Post split from AGA extension thread and moved to proper board.


Try looking into the OS Extension for some rudimentary OS 3 functions relating to RTG.

 on: August 11, 2017, 11:18:46 AM 
Started by Amiten - Last post by Amiten


 on: August 08, 2017, 09:41:47 AM 
Started by fstltna - Last post by bruceuncle
People, people!  This just isn't good enough.

AMOS Pro, and especially the AMOS Compiler, have to be correctly installed.  It's not just a matter of copying files and chucking some assigns in:

  • The editor config file has to be updated to add the compiler menu items into it.
  • The interpreter config file has to be updated to tell AMOS where the APSystem directory is.  With this info alone, AMOS does all those assigns for you!
  • The compiler config file has to be updated.
  • Important files have to be copied to the C:, LIBS: and FONTS: assigns.

The only problems with the original install disks is the reporting of available HDD space.  There are two scenarios:

On a real Amiga, you'll need to install to a partition where the number_of_free_blocks multiplied by the block_size doesn't exceed an unsigned long.  In numbers, that means a partition no larger than just under 4.3Gb for a block size of 512 bytes.  2.15Gb for a block size of 256 bytes, and so on.

If you're using WINUAE, the problem will only arise if you're using a directory as a 'soft' hard drive for your system drive, where your PC HDD may well be one or two terabytes or even more!  To fix this follow these instructions:

  • Add an *.hdf file of around 10 Mb to your installation.
  • Using the *.adf images attached to this post in a zip, install AMOS Pro to that disk, NOT to your system disk.  Then install the Compiler to that same *.hdf disk.
  • You'll end up with a directory called AMOS_Pro on that drive.  All the stuff for C:, LIBS: and FONTS: will end up on your system drive.
  • Now copy the entire contents of that AMOS_Pro directory to a directory of the same name your system drive.
  • You can now remove the *.hdf file as a drive.
  • Before running AMOS, go into the AMOS_Pro/APSystem directory from workbench and find the Locate_APSystem icon and double-click it.  This adds the necessary update to the interpreter config file.
  • Job done!  Works every time.

I'm currently putting together disk sets to do clean installs of both AMOS 2.0 and AMOS 2.1 beta without all this hassle.  I hope I may be able to get those out before I have to go into hospital...

In the meantime, you may also be interested in a work around for the Dfree call that causes this problem.  This will give free space in Mb for partitions up to a couple of terabytes (more or less depending on the block size you're using:

Code: [Select]
Screen Open 1,640,256,2,Hires
Palette $0,$EEE


' Lazy way to get AMOS to do the dos call:

' The InfoData structure has to be longword aligned, so this
' matches what the Dfree call does to achieve that:
Add A,4
Ror.l 2,A
Rol.l 2,A : Rem A --> InfoData structure returned by Info() call

D_BLOCKS=Leek(A+12) : Rem Total Blocks
D_USED=Leek(A+16) : Rem   Used Blocks
D_BSIZE=Leek(A+20) : Rem  Block Size in Bytes

Locate 0,5
Print "Total Blocks: ";Hex$(D_BLOCKS,8),D_BLOCKS
Print " Used Blocks: ";Hex$(D_USED,8),D_USED
Print "  Block Size: ";Hex$(D_BSIZE,8),D_BSIZE

Print Using "     Mb Free: ###,###";D_FREE

Attached is a set of *.adf disk images of the original AMOS Pro and Compiler disks with correct names.

 on: August 08, 2017, 08:58:16 AM 
Started by bruceuncle - Last post by bruceuncle
Finally got a date from my specialist on Monday.  My op is scheduled for Tuesday 15th August.  So I'll be out of action for at least two weeks and pretty stuffed for about 6 weeks. 

I also have the 'flu that's an epidemic over here currently (it put my wife in hospital overnight last night).  So if I haven't recovered sufficiently it may get postponed.

Oh well, such is life...  >:(

 on: August 07, 2017, 05:32:02 PM 
Started by Hungry Horace - Last post by Hungry Horace
Hi everyone

We dont actually have a buy/sell section here on UA, so I know i am not contravening any rules!

Just to let you know I am currently selling off a lot of my old amiga software, boxes included, some books, and eventually some hardware.

I will still be keeping my old favourites and i will still maintain a handful of Amiga Hardware machines... however, we are talking about me keeping 3-4 rather than the many I currently have. (Many of which were not even mine)

If you would like to have a look, i am using Amibay for all of my listings, which means first-come-first served, with interest needing to be declared *publically*

My main games thread you can find here:


And I also have a number of productivity tools/apps available (Including AMOS Compilers)


I have a collection mostly Amiga Manuals and Books here:


I also have a listing for some Commodore 64 games here:


And some ZX Spectrum games here:


Loads more to come. More Amiga games and Apps to be added tonight, pus CD32 games and hardware to come in seperate threads.

 on: August 06, 2017, 01:43:48 PM 
Started by Amiten - Last post by SamuraiCrow
AMCAF should work but it uses its own version of Amos.library so it may not work for interlaced video.

 on: August 06, 2017, 10:51:51 AM 
Started by SamuraiCrow - Last post by Amiten
Ok , not tried that I will test this way, thank you

Enviado desde mi ONE LTE HD (ONE TORO) mediante Tapatalk

 on: August 06, 2017, 10:49:22 AM 
Started by Amiten - Last post by Amiten
Thank you samurái , any idea what extensión for play iff anims?

Enviado desde mi ONE LTE HD (ONE TORO) mediante Tapatalk

 on: August 05, 2017, 11:08:18 AM 
Started by Amiten - Last post by SamuraiCrow
You might need to use an extension if the built-in support is buggy for IFF anims.

 on: August 05, 2017, 09:18:24 AM 
Started by SamuraiCrow - Last post by SamuraiCrow
Have you tried not linking the Amos runtime library but using the Amos library externally?

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