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Author Topic: Upgrading WHDLoad  (Read 89 times)


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Upgrading WHDLoad
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:29:23 PM »

Hello everyone, well I don't know if this is the right section, but after carefully seeing all of them I couldn't find one which seemed more suited.
The forum seems a little dead, and I was told there was a facebook group, but even after managing against my will to drag myself there, I couildn't find it !

I'm Voljega, I have been interested in Amiga for the past two years, well I was already in the eighties but back then I had an Amstrad CPC so Amiga was just an (expensive) dream !

So in the past two years I have been developing a custom solution to launch Amiga games in ADF and WHDLoad on Recalbox, kinda like what Horace is doing with Retropie

But today I am here to ask questions for myself.

I have a carefully sorted and scraped collection of amiga games in WHDL format which dates to at least two years, and so is the WHDLoad 'package' used to launch the game, so looking at the whdload.de page I can see I'm a few years behind.
I'm totally unsure about somethings regarding upgrading all that so I wanted to ask the following questions :
- How do you upgrade the WHDLoad package (I mean the one in 18.3 right now) from my old version ?
- This is the most crucial point for me : Is it guaranteed that all my games in WHDL dumped for a previous version of the package will still work ? Is it 100% retrocompatible ?
- Finally, is it possible to upgrade a game in WHDL format from say two years ago with the corrections done today. For instance, if I want to update Hero Quest for which a new whdload thing was uploaded last friday, can I just get the archive and use it to upgrade my previous WHDL version of Hero Quest ?
If yes how can I do that ? Just copy the newly released archive over my game ?

Thank you for youre response
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