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Author Topic: Question on items  (Read 327 times)


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Question on items
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:47:49 PM »

Items! What do they do?

Rings and wands?
Stealth blade, dagger or sword?
Staves, do they do anything for the wizzys?
How do you rank the weapons showing during the game?

Have of course been looking around for the info but for some reason the web isn't loaded with texts about this fancy subject.

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Re: Question on items
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 07:43:40 PM »

I would say discovering which objects do what would be a good part of the fun of the game if you are new enough to it!

But since you want it.... here are a few tips;

- The 'strength' of an object is usully apparent from when you find it in the game - i.e. you will find a short sword early on, a battle axe later, and a Troll's Axe much further in.
- Special (one-off) objects may be better used by certain characters (look at the colours)
- Swords are lighter than Axes, and so may be favoured by Adventurers if you wish for them to also for front-row fighting
- most objects, such as the ones you have mentioned, need to be help in the 'hand' of a specific champion type.
- There is no apparent benefit to using two similar weapon types in each hand - take advantage of two hands to hold two objects with different benefits (e.g. a sword and a wand)

Wands and Rings both relate to how spells are cast, so are best used by Wizards, or Adventurers, but do not need to be those only. For example, Warpower is a Serpent (green) spell which is best used by a Warrior, but could be boosted by also holding the Serpent wand.

The Cutpurses are high in agilty, but lack strength, so they tend to need small objects, and they are particularly adept at using these when attacking an enemy from behind. It should be no surprise that Roseanne even has the surname 'Swifthand' .... They are also capable at using the speed when armed with a bow and arrow.

Staffs, as you guessed, help wizards with spell casting, and again you should look out for improved ones later in the game, which will have different names.
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