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August 07, 2022, 07:51:00 PM

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Before you begin sending me abusive and unappreciated e-mail regarding the legality of this site please note the following facts;

This site only allows for the sourcing of abandoned games for a no longer viable OS. These games are no longer commercially available, are already heavily distributed across the internet.

Any packages on the site will be removed from the site at the request of the current copyright owners, should they wish to directly deny distribution.

The games are not being distributed for profit or personal gain but purely for the benefit of people who are still playing these games today from their own copies, either original, or emulated backups.

It is intended that these packages are downloaded by persons who already have copies of these games. This site simply has them utilise a different form, which allows them to be made online-playable.

Whilst it would be possible for someone who didn't already own a copy of a game to download it for online play, it seems very unlikely that anyone who doesn't already own it, would want to bother.

I cannot be held responsible for anything that occurs unto anyone as a result of the use of these files. Including computer malfunctions, legal action, and most definitely Act of God.

Now that all of that is resolved, lets get playing Amiga games online!

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