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August 07, 2022, 07:28:51 PM

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Credits & Thanks

Hungry Horace would like to give thanks and credit to the following people, for helping make this site and content possible;

FOL for the site hosting, URL and general PSPUAE Network admin brilliance.

The original moderators and pack compilers; michael, bilko9070 and Skateblind, and also our new moderators and scoreboard referees Weis, Zarathustra and salefaca.

(Possibly) the biggest thanks goes to KillerGorilla for the KGWHD pre-installs that have made updates much easier, I know a lot of time and effort went into making sure they were done properly, and that sure is appreciated (along with pandering to my every whim!) - lets just hope THB puts away the shorts and the axe and stops chasing him soon. Cheers also to Zetr0 for hosting KG's site, along with magix for providing single packs on demand.... even if he needs to give KG more credit himself!

All the WHDLoad slave authors, yes, even Galahad probably. JOTD for also giving us some alternative with JST, and Wepl for maintaining WHDLoad itself. A special word of thanks however goes to my long suffering guide and mentor BippyM, and a small apology goes to Girv because i've had to use the original Bloodwych slave here, in spite of me making him update it!

Belgarath for providing me with details on available Amiga multiplayer games, by plugging numbers into his database (despite knowing how i feel about front-ends!) - more recently too for giving me the benefit of his wisdom, and enduring my questioning and probing within the site chat.

Stromberg for his moral support via the old EFnet on-site chat, and for looking at stuff on ss.de that i am too lazy to spot.

All the torrent seeders helping to boost the project profile by keeping the releases in the public domain.

Finally of course, all you guys who like to play Amiga games online, especially those who bother to say hello!


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Credits and Thanks

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