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Author Topic: A guide to using the WinUAE-Kaillera online packs [CLOSED]  (Read 9923 times)

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A guide to using the WinUAE-Kaillera online packs [CLOSED]
« on: January 14, 2007, 02:34:20 AM »

What is UAE-Kaillera?

UAE is an Amiga emulator, mostly used for playing old Amiga games on a PC.

Kaillera is a program which allows emulators to  be shared across the internet, thus allowing old multiplayer games to be played online.

UAE-Kaillera is a single program which can contain everything for playing a particular UAE-based game, linking with someone through Kaillera and then sharing a game online.

In order to play a game with someone, you will need exactly the same program and setup files, and this is why  this site endeavours to provide unique packages for both users to quickly download / share, and then play, thus making setting up as easy as possible.


How to play Online;


When you have both unpacked one of the game-folders, run the executable.


You will be presented with this screen.
If you dont want to play online and just test the game out you can just press OK now!


Set up your joystick inputs (if possible) putting one player on input 0 and the other on input 1 (these are the original Amiga joystick inputs). If you lack a joystick or pad then keyboard setup B uses the cursor keys and right-control as fire.
If you playing a Two player game where you take turns using the mouse (i.e. Scorched Tanks), then this step in not necessary


Now Click the Kaillera (Bub graphic) button, and hit "Launch Kaillera."


On the Kaillera window, enter your username(s), and select LAN (60fps) as your connection speed. This will keep the game running at a decent speed, providing you both have a decent connection.

You should both log onto a particular server where you have a decent ping. (less than 70ms)


Player One should should "Create New Game" and in turn Player Two should join the game once it has been created.


You should wait untill all players are in this window.  From here on, you can stop chatting in the chatroom or msn and talk in the game interface.  Player One can now hit "Start Game" and you should both be on for some online gaming.

F11 is the ingame chat feature, and F12 brings up the UAE menu.


Some Do's & Don'ts;

        Do use an external chat program (IRC, MSN, IRC etc) to arrange your game. Check you know who is going to be input 0 (mouse) and input 1 (joystick) before starting, although normal convention is to make whoever clicks "Start Game" use the joystick input and the other use the mouse port. IRC is good to use because it barely even scratches your bandwidth.

        Don't click "OK" on UAE until you have linked games with someone, as this will start the emulator and you will have to reload the program from scratch to join games with someone.

        Do both log onto a Kaillera server where you get a decent Ping time. Less than 70ms is recommended. I find if you can find one with a ping of around 30ms you're unlikely to get any problems.

        Don't click F12 and change settings after starting a game, this can mess with the synchronisation. You can maybe get away with doing it to fix joystick inputs but leave it at that!!! (but don't blame me if this does cause the game to desync)

        Don't try to log off / exit by closing an open UAE screen window, it will likely leave UAE hanging around as a background process.

        Do use F12 followed by "Exit UAE" to log off / quit in a reliable way.

        Do use F11 to chat with who ever you are playing, especially if you think something has gone wrong.

        Do use the windows task manager to kill UAE before starting a new game, should it be hanging around in the background. This is likely to happen if a game crashes / hangs etc.

If you suffer from bad lag during the game then make sure that UAE has all the bandwidth available from your connection..  So stop those downloads/uploads!...

Guide by Hungry Horace and loving ammended by Jason of RetroGamingScoreBoard
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Re: A guide to using the WinUAE-Kaillera online packs
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 07:43:03 PM »

Thanks for the guide Horace  :)
I'll put it to good use (I hope  :D)
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